Don't Just Stand There

by The Throbbing Testicles

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    1. A Message From Brother J
    2. Oh, Magnolia
    3. D.T.A
    4. Teef
    5. Fowl Play
    6. That's Why Mommy Didn't Want You In The Buggy
    7. Rated R (For Romance?)
    8. The Leafy Illusion
    9. Aguas! (It's A Trap!)
    10. .Still Just As Bad, But With Radio Play
    11. Like Like Letters
    12. Bovine Revolution

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2nd Full Length Album of The Throbbing Testicles
12 brand new tracks from those crazy testicle boys, plus 3 exclusive bonus tracks! Thats 15 new poopy sounding things from T3 plus some junk in between tracks to squish between your toes.


released December 21, 2011

Recorded in M.I.R.A.G.E by The Throbbing Testicles
Mixed/Mastered at Blue Chair Studios by Darian Stribling

Additional vocal talents by Jocc and Mike Tobias
Album doodles by Skeeter
Album photography by Janna Ragsdale
Album design by T3



all rights reserved


The Throbbing Testicles Conway, Arkansas

We are the self proclaimed most awesomest rock band in the history of rockdom! A 5 piece rock funk party thats sure to make you move. From our dancey dance roots to our hard hitting melodies, we're sure to get your party going and your feet a tappin with our catchy hooks and funky beats. ... more

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Track Name: Oh, Magnolia
Lemme tell ya bout a town called Magnolia
Baddest little place out in the whole zonia
Friendly happy people all around
Till one day their lives got flipped upside down

Smiling folks for as far as I can see
Nothing but pleasant thoughts for you and me
Then the testicle boys they came to town
Leaving folks behind with a frown

They marched all in to just get down
All them folks want em out of town
Calling them one great big disgrace
But we’re here now all up in your face

Oh no!
Ya gotta play the game, ya gotta stay the same
They said to me
But you know we don’t stand for mediocrity

Oh hey!
We’re just here to play, after then we’ll stay
We said to them
You do what you’ll do and we’ll have it our way
Oh no
Woohoo (woohoo)

The people rose up said get out of our town
We can’t have a good time with you all around
Mind your own business back to where you came from
Leave us alone n’ back here don’t ever come

Hey there folks we just wanna dance
Can’t you all just give us a chance?
El Throb stood up all nice and proud
Said check out this ole big T3 sound

We are T3 and we’re back again
Back to play wiff all our friends
So come and dance and sing and play
Bust a move with us everyday

Ladies and gentlemen now here we are
Doing our thing we’ll never be far
Away from the funk and all the good time
So open your ears to all our rhymes

We’ll never back down never play the game
We ain’t gonna fit in never be the same
Ain’t no body every complained before
So sit back n get ready for what we’ve got in store
Track Name: D.T.A (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
Taco! Taco!
Burrito! Burrito!

Everyday I go out and get me a taco
Just because I want it don’t make me no jock-o
If I forget my keys then I will get out locked-o
That’s ok cuz then I can go eat some more tacos
If you wanna be my baby you best bring a taco!

Taco! Taco!
Burrito! Burrito!

I gotta get this outta my head and take a walk-o
To think I can stop eating them it is a huge crock-o
When I try to quit it is to my body a shock-o
I can’t resist, it always has to be taco clock-o
I said if you wanna be my baby you’d best bring a taco


Taco! Taco!
Burrito! Burrito!
Track Name: Teef
There are incisors and molars with wisdom to spare
You’ll also find canines they are common in bears
Sometimes you do loose them and its not that fair
If you look real close you’ll see Nick’s missing one right there

I’m talkin bout Teef!
We’re talking bout Teef
We’re talkin bout Teef
They go in your mouf

As you get older they do get much stronger
But you must brush often or else they will fall out
If you do that they will last so much longer
Then you can smile real wide for you will now have much clout

I’m talkin bout Teef!
We’re talking bout Teef
We’re talkin bout Teef
They go in your mouf

If you get in a fight you could lose a tooth
Yeah that really sucks and puts you in a bad mood
You have to drink lots of milk to make them feel strong
It helps build calcium don’t believe me prove me wrong

I’m talkin bout Teef!
We’re talking bout Teef
We’re talkin bout Teef
They go in your mouf

You mush brush and floss your teef!
Or you will end up with plaque!
You must brush and floss your teef!
Or you will end up with gingivitis!
You must brush and floss your teef!
Or you will end up with spongy gums!
You must brush and floss your teef!
Or this will happen to you!
Track Name: Fowl Play (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Everyday I go down to the pond
But on the inside I feel something’s wrong
I pick up my loaf of wonder bread
Tear off a piece throw it back at the ducks head

Quack quack quack quack

No, I go home to mow my lawn instead
I gotta spend me time; I gotta clear my head
These ducks are bad not friends you see
Making life rather crappy for you and me

Quack quack quack quack

You think that you’re all that (the ducks are coming, the ducks are coming)
But you just been talking smack (the ducks are coming, the ducks are coming)
You feel that you’re out of luck (the ducks are coming, the ducks are coming)
Cuz you’re just a stupid duck (the ducks are coming, the ducks are coming)

We used to be friends those ducks and I
Was it something I said? Or maybe something I tried?
Why can’t we all go just be good friends?
High fives and big hugs now till the end

Now the ducks do their thing and I do mine
Yet news still travels on down the line
Lies being told; I can’t take anymore
Watch out now waterfowl THIS MEANS WAR!

Look at that duck all down on his luck
Drivin that truck, you know he don't give a
Quack quack quack
Spiderwebs tattooed on his feet
And he's got gold teeth inside of his beak
Goes to the subway to get some bread
Then heads to the pond and goes to bed
None of the lady ducks know where he stays
Cuz you know pimpin ducks don't poop where they play
Quack quack quack quack

The ducks are coming, the ducks are coming
The ducks are coming, they’re coming they’re coming
The ducks are coming, the ducks are coming
The ducks are coming to steal my sanity!
Track Name: Rated R (For Romance?)
Well here we are, playing
In the grass, laying
Next to you, there is
Nothing better, than this

We’ll be ok, all our days
In my dreams, it’s you and me

Like a flash, the sun bleeds
You’re on fire, scream
They’re rising up, pay back
Metallic, attack

Our time has come, to an end
There’s no one, to defend
You and me, in bed
Pretending, we’re dead

All hail robot masters, our end can’t come faster
They’ll crush our hearts, tear us apart

Look out! Here we go again now!
Robots on the rise and we can’t get out!
Gotta get away, gotta run and hide
None of your crap’ll make me loose my stride
Leave memories behind they’ll just hold you back
It’s one straight up metallic attack
There’s just one lesson we have to learn
That in dealing with this mess we all just burn

And then we burn! x5
Track Name: The Leafy Illusion
You say, that it’s no good for me
That it, makes me real unhealthy
And I, would be much better if
I stop, eating so much meat but
I won’t, and you won’t change my mind

You think, that your poop don’t stink but
Guess what? You are a hippie and
You smell, worse than anyone else
And that, is just a big ole fact
So just, open your eyes to life

Cuz I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be
I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be no!
I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be
I don’t wanna be the one who says I told you so

Where did, all this talk come from now
What do, you mean when you say you
Just need, some other kind of thing
To fill, you up with everything
That you, think makes you feel alive?

If cows, weren’t meant to be eaten
Then they, would not be made of meat
That means, I’ll be much stronger with
Out you, cuz you won’t slow me down
No no, I will not change my mind

Cuz I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be
I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be no!
I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be
I don’t wanna be the one who says I told you so

It’s a leafy delusion illusion that you’re living in
And can’t you see that this is what nobody will win
I don’t see where you’re coming from and giving it all up
And one day you’ll regret it but I won’t

Don’t go, on a world wide mission
Without, eating a proper meal
I say, that you need the protein
From meat, tofu just won’t cut it.
Never, again will you change my mind
Track Name: Aguas!
Yo back when I was a kid of just age nine
Life was super awesome and it felt just fine
I lived it all up not a care in the world
Even though I lived in a house of all girls
I have three sisters its true you’ll see
I like to shift the blame to you from me
From the pranks I did, parents knew the fact
They said I’m not mad but did you do that?

It’s a trap!

Friday night comes yeah gonna have some fun
We ain’t gonna leave till we see the sun
I see a fine lady that I wanna dance with
Man this girl is fly, yo she’s 2 legit!
We’re dancing all night and I think I got it made
Yo yo cougar momma you’ve got me in spade
I think I’m all smart she yells stop the jam
boy just how old do you think I am?

It’s a Trap!

Hanging on the weekend with my girl
Take her for a spin yeah give it a whirl
Top down, its nice, yo its fall
So we take a trip down to the mall
She tries on clothes that are both sexy n hot
I’ll pay for em all whether I like it or not
She then turns coyly and asks for a fact
She says hey there boy does this make me look fat?

It’s a trap!
Track Name: Like Like Letters
Back when we first met, every day was such a treat
Everyday an adventure for you and me
But those days are long gone, and now so are you
I think of all the time I have to push on through
So I leave you this note, now that we are done
To tell you all the things I should have all along

I don’t like your haircut no I never did
I only said it to you with a smile and a kid
When your fluffy cat died, I held you so tight
Just to hide my smile cuz I ran over him last night
The time we met your mother at the store for the wealthy
To be nice I said she looks healthy but she’s just fat

These things I should have told you, But I never got the chance
And now that you’re gone, I should mention you’re a skank

You take pride in your beauty, for it you paid cash
It’s too bad you never took care of your mustache
The razor you left in the shower, always covered in strange hair
I guess I should now tell you that it came from my down there
You think you’re very proper oh so clever and so smart
It’s too bad that in public everyone can still hear your farts

These things I should have told you, but I guess I never did
And its ok to laugh now
cuz yes those pants make you look fat (you look fat)
And you’ve got a double chin (double chin)
Yup a muffin top too (muffin top two)
And your body’s lumpy ewww (lumpy eww)

Do you remember flowers? Last Valentine’s Day
I dropped them in the toilet, that’s why they smelled that way
Each time I’d use the bathroom, I would never wash my hands
That’s why I was so eager to rub your shoulders at demand
Last week when you were sick, I told you I heard nothing
As you crapped so loudly of course I totally did

These things I should have told you, but I guess I forgot
And its ok to say it now
Because I like your sister more (sister more)
Cuz she’s prettier than you (prettier than you)
And she’s way nicer too (nicer too)
And you’re an ugly fool (big ole fool)

Times we go out to eat, I’d forget my wallet
I do it on purpose cuz I think you should have to pay
If you check the bathroom we don’t own brown towels
Yeah I’ll just let you figure that one out
Times I’d call to tell you that I had to work late
It’s not true I just didn’t want to come home to you

These things I should have told you, but I guess I never did
It’s ok to move on now
Cuz nobody likes you (nobody likes you)
And no one ever will (no one ever will)
I was the best you ever had (best you ever had)
And the best you ever will (best you ever will)
Track Name: Bovine Revolution
There is a problem in the world today
Folks are too rigid and they’re stuck in their way
People have to learn to smile and cut loose
Ya gotta feel good relax its true

The time has come and
Don’t just stand there
Toss out your shame friend
Its time to dance

Hey hey
You’ve gotta shake it shake it shake it shake it all out
Hey hey
Move ya soul and quake it all out
Hey hey
Forget your troubles and get out on the floor
Hey hey
We’re here to show you how to do it some more, yeah yeah

Do you see me? Dancing up here
Shaking it like there is no end
I’m just one man, showing you up
Doing my thing, just not caring
What would you do? If in my place?
Standing up here, all eyes on you?
And where will you be when our time has come?
The bovine revolution waits for no one

Well, times up game over how
Tell them we’re in control now
There’s nothing you can do just sit back and listen
Cuz I can do this, all day long

The cows are marching in they’re coming for you
Come to avenge your brothers you made into stew
Black and white and pink on two legs they loom
They’re closing in now to seal your doom